Nivea Men Deodoriser Launch


To launch a revolutionary product by Nivea Men – India’s first ever deodorizer formulated to provide daylong odour control in just ONE use, so one need not reapply it again and again. Its unique skin-friendly deodorizing formula works on the body to prevent odour formation right at its source.

More About the Project

An integrated Direct Marketing-cum-Online campaign that made the KOLs (bloggers) ‘#SniffSniff-ing’ an important topic for discussion. In turn, they would start a conversation about the universal problem that everybody faces – the problem of male body odour.
We joined hands with blogadda.comfor the digital leg of the campaign, which was neatly sandwiched between a Teaser Phase on one side and Launch Phase on the other.
We kick-started the campaign by sending a series of innovative Direct Mailers designed to ignite the curiosity of KOLs (bloggers) which, in a lighter vein, got them thinking about possible ways to deal with one of the prime concerns of men – the problem of body odour.
We sent such elements as Pollution Mask (to mask out odour), Coffee Beans (to neutralize body odour) and Clothes Pegs (to keep the odour away from their noses) along with sharp messages in the form of DMs.
That got them to talk on the subject using the hashtag #SniffSniff.

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