Petronas Ke Bahubali



Petronas-  one of the Top 10 Multinational Lubricant Companies in the world with some of the most successful brands of lubricants. We devised a sustainable activation plan - aimed at building brand awareness, affinity and loyalty among the biggest influencers – the auto mechanics and lubricant dealers

More About the Project

We designed an exciting engagement-cum-loyalty program, called Petronas KeBahubali that turned Transport Nagars into a battlefield.

Accordingly we built a BahubaliKaRath a fabricated canter that boasted a king throne befitting the winners of the title  PetronasKeBahubali and an array of exciting engagements The canter would vroom into Transport Nagars and test the physical and mental strength of the participants, in order to determine who among them was worthy of the title PetronasKeBahubali.

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