SET India’s ‘Mahabali Hanumaan’s’ promotions


SET India created a show encapsulating Lord Hanumaan’s adventures. Our understanding of the brief was that this show needed a stunt that would stun the masses & set the social media ablaze ensuring a successful TV premier. The objective evolved from an unimaginable stunt to something that would immediately connect with the masses to create a distinct identity & help promote the show.

More About the Project

Our research involved going through the most influential epic ‘Ramayana’. An incident peculiarly caught our attention,  ‘When, unable to find a life saving herb in the Himalayas, Lord Hanuman carries the entire mountain & flies to save the dying on the battle field.’ The idea was to recreate his flight carrying the mountain through the crowded streets of India thus announcing the upcoming TV show.
 Over 100,000 people witnessed our activation across 9 cities.

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